• Elements Blue Metal Tin Box

    Elements Blue Metal Tin Box

    For the Elements enthusiast who adores their high-quality rice rolling papers, this handy tin case will be the perfect accessory for you! Adorned with the classic and colorful Elements branding on its lid, this case is made from durable metal to carry around with you. At a 2.5″ x 4.5″ size, this tin case will perfectly hold your cones, rolling papers, or lighter so you can easily have them on hand and stored safely! This case is a wonderful accessory for any Elements smoker’s storage needs.

  • Elements Change Mat Large

    Elements Change Mat Large

    Large Size 16.5" x 12". Limited Edition Elements Counter Change Mat. Similar to a computer mouse pad. Perfect for rolling & placing smoke supplies. Imported from USA.

  • Elements Flying Disc Red

    Elements Flying Disc Red

    Elements will never let you down with the quality of their products, and this flying disc is no exception to that! Perfect for throwing around anywhere you go for some fun outside and to show your favorite brand some love, this flying disc will be a perfect gift for any Elements fan. Pick from the striking blue and red discs and give them a toss to send them soaring!

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  • Go PoP! Fidget Toys Singles

    Go PoP! Fidget Toys Singles

    Pop n' Play Anywhere with Go PoP! Enjoy the tactile sense of infinite bubbles popping while engaging your mind in a light and fun logic game! Join the craze and collect them all!

  • Higher Standards Salt Rox

    Higher Standards Salt Rox

    Higher Standards Salt Rox are coarse granules of rock salt that have been finely milled to a consistent, small size to easily clean all of those hard to reach places. Salt Rox are mildly abrasive, and scrub away the toughest buildup to leave your accessories looking and performing their best. When used in conjunction with Higher Standards ISO Pure, the buildup and residue in your device will quickly loosen and dissolve.   FEATURES 23 oz Bottle Finely Milled Rock Salt Mildly Abrasive



    Juicy Jays Drops are a great alternative to flavored Rolling Papers. Just put 2 or 3 Drops on your Rolling Papers or whatever, leave it to dry for a few minutes. Each Dropper Bottle has around 440 Drops.

  • Raw Bamboo Floor Mat Small

    Raw Bamboo Floor Mat Small

    The Raw Natural Bamboo Doormat is a great way to let everyone know where you stand and how you live... RAW! These mats also double as a great wall-hanging decoration.  Size: 76 x 45 cm

  • RAW Beanie Black

    RAW Beanie Black

    Show your love for the best rolling papers in the world with the RAW Beanie! Made extra soft and comfy, the all-black RAW Beanie will keep you warm and toasty all winter long. This simple but elegant hat has the iconic RAW logo patched and sewn across the front so it looks clean and is washing machine friendly. 100% Acrylic Black with Raw Rolling Paper Patch Machine Washable No Fur One Size

  • Raw Black Bandana (21.5"x21.5")

    Raw Black Bandana (21.5"x21.5")

    The Raw Black Bandana is a blend of both contemporary and classic style. An instant collectible, this bandana is as unique and distinctive as you are. With its distressed paisley design the Raw Bandana is perfect for hanging on your wall, dressing up man’s best friend, or wearing it yourself.

  • Raw Fashion Scarf Black

    Raw Fashion Scarf Black

    Stay warm with the RAW Winter Scarf. The tan scarf looks most like RAW paper packaging, while the black scarf boasts both the RAW logo and a larger version of the “Purest Natural Flavors” seal. These medium-length scarves are made from extra soft fibers and are sure to keep you toasty while you enjoy your favorite RAW papers.