• Bakers Bank Roll 3 Piece Storage Tube Display 12ct

    Bakers Bank Roll 3 Piece Storage Tube Display 12ct

    This is the ultimate storage tube for your stash, or your pre-rolls. Manufactured from heavy duty aluminum this finely made storage tube breaks into three pieces so it's just the right size for your needs. The threads are so finely machined it will close perfectly every single time, no cross threading.  The rubber gaskets assure a tight seal. Throw this anywhere for discreet transport.   

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  • Elements Blue Metal Tin Box

    Elements Blue Metal Tin Box

    For the Elements enthusiast who adores their high-quality rice rolling papers, this handy tin case will be the perfect accessory for you! Adorned with the classic and colorful Elements branding on its lid, this case is made from durable metal to carry around with you. At a 2.5″ x 4.5″ size, this tin case will perfectly hold your cones, rolling papers, or lighter so you can easily have them on hand and stored safely! This case is a wonderful accessory for any Elements smoker’s storage needs.

  • Frankenstein Stash Jar 250mL

    Frankenstein Stash Jar 250mL

    Store your herbs, spices, tea leaves, flower, food, & more in this unique work of art.  Our goal is to create collectible, figurine-quality containers in the name of "functional art". This large-sized Frankenstein's Creature has green skin, silver bolts, and vibrant pink brain - which is different than the other sizes.  Because of their opaque, UV resistant material, the porcelain jars are an ideal candidate for concealed storage! With this container, the contents are hidden within a porcelain centerpiece great for the coffee table or nightstand.

  • Grove Bag 27 Gal Puncture Resistant

    Grove Bag 27 Gal Puncture Resistant

    Grove Bags liners utilize the benefits of our Terploc film with increased industrial strength and puncture resistance for both 27-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums, making them the perfect option for storing & transporting large quantities of flower or trim. Liners are perfect to use while you are harvesting and for post harvest storage. Use a 27-gallon tote with a liner to collect freshly harvested plant material and transport it around the cultivation center. A 55-gallon drum liner can be used after properly drying and sweating your cannabis for bulk storage and curing. These bags ar...

  • Grove Bags TerpLoc Ultraclear Opaque 5 Lb Bag

    Grove Bags TerpLoc Ultraclear Opaque 5 Lb Bag

    TerpLoc bags from Grove Bags create the optimal microclimate for storing cannabis by regulating the relative humidity in the packaging while protecting your product from exterior elements that would degrade its quality. Once your product is sealed inside, all unwanted gases and water vapor are actively diffused through the pouch’s layers creating a relative humidity level of 62% and limiting the oxidation of the product stored inside. Perfect for the growers who are looking to store large amounts of product for curing and extended storage. Opaque Regulates the relative humidity in the pack...

  • Laramie Tough Box Plastic Cases 12 Per Box


  • Marley Natural Small Case

    Marley Natural Small Case

    With a compact and multi-purpose design, our black walnut wood Small Case is a classic essential for protecting and housing your herb and lifestyle accessories.  Its tasteful, soft-edged form is highlighted by a uniquely engineered slide-top system, complete with a universal silicon inner seal that allows for convenient access and maximum utility.  Discreet, portable, and stylish, you can take it anywhere and use as desired.

  • Marley Natural Small Holder

    Marley Natural Small Holder

    Our highly functional Small Holder comfortably fits in your pocket for convenient accessibility to accompany your various lifestyle needs. Its intelligently designed interior minimizes odor while protecting your pre-roll from getting crushed or damaged. The exterior of the case is crafted from beautiful black walnut wood and is optimal for portability and storage.

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  • Ooze Stash Station

    Ooze Stash Station

    It doesn't get more Ooze-y than the Ooze Stash Station! This multipurpose silicone storage container is an all-in-one piece to properly house your concentrates and dab tools. This is a totally non-stick piece, and because it's made entirely of silicone, is incredibly heat-resistant and unbreakable. The "O"s in the Ooze logo hold two 5ml non-stick silicone concentrate containers to hold two separate strains of concentrates. These containers are completely airtight and waterproof so you can be sure they'll be safe and sound until it's time to dab. The "Z" and "e" of the logo feature differe...

  • Plastic Jar With Magnifying Glass

    Plastic Jar With Magnifying Glass

    Used for dry herb, pills, storage, Airtight Excellent Storage For Cigarettes and Dry Herb That Will Protect and Keep Them Fresh.  Ideal For On The Go Active Smokers. Made of Super Strong Advanced Reinforced Acrylic Unique Magnifier Lid Design, Multi Color Bottom is Available Height: 60mm Diameter: 90mm

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