• Tool Holder Small 7 Tool Holder

    Tool Holder Small 7 Tool Holder

    The 3D printed Box can hold 7 tools.    STYLES MAY VERY

  • 3D Printed Bong Backpack Clip

    3D Printed Bong Backpack Clip

    Introducing new, universal one size fits all Dabberbox Backpack Bong Clip!3D Printed 100% in Bakersfield, CA USA - Printed with PETG plastic for max durability & flexibility!Have a designated spot for everything that you need for regular rips, all quickly attached to your piece in a snap! Including:-Specialty designed one size fits all neck clip -Lighter Holder-Bowl Poker Holder-Hemp Wick Wrap Holder-Bowl Slide Holder STYLES MAY VERY

  • Dog Carb Caps 2Ct

    Dog Carb Caps 2Ct

    Universal glass carb cap dome for quartz banger nails, glass water pipes, rigs. For any dog lover this is the perfect carb cap! Use this carb cap to control the heat and smoke on your rig. Looks just like a dogs head with a universal size cover underneath. 

  • Octopus Carb Cap Ct 2

    Octopus Carb Cap Ct 2

    What's cuter than a cephalopod? Nothing, that's what. That's why we made these octastic carb caps in three colors so you can choose your new aquatic smoking sidekick that will help you get the most out of your stuff in style. The octopus' big bubble head acts as a little handle for you to grab the carb cap and keep your fingers safe. It's made of out high quality colored borosilicate glass that's easy to clean and lasts a long time. 🐙 ADORABLE - Your New Best Friend 🐙 BRIGHT COLORS - You Won't Lose this One 🐙 HIGH QUALITY - Colored Borosilicate Glass

  • New Pipe Twisty Glass Cigar

    New Pipe Twisty Glass Cigar

    Includes  Glass Bubbler Adapter  Herb Splinters  Glass Tube  Metal Twist

    $11.99 Sold Out
  • Angry Bird Glass Carb Caps Ct 2

    Angry Bird Glass Carb Caps Ct 2

    Angry Bird Carb Cap  This carb cap features a directional flow, meaning the two holes embedded in this cap will guide the product in a fixed airflow through the bucket. You can do this by manually turning the top knob in a circular motion when placed on a quartz banger. This process improves the concentration of vapors as the smoke is drawn.

  • Fox Carb Cap Ct 2

    Fox Carb Cap Ct 2

    Trying to take a trip to space? Let this Fox UFO Quartz Carb Cap take you there! This carb cap will make a great addition to anybody’s arsenal as it fits most bangers and nails.

  • Scientific Inhalations Nectar Collector

    Scientific Inhalations Nectar Collector

    Multi Function Glass hand pipe with logo.