• King Palm Cherry Charm Rollies 2Pk 20Ct

    King Palm Cherry Charm Rollies 2Pk 20Ct

    Enjoy the sweet sensations of cherries alongside your favorite smoke with King Palm’s Cherry Charm pre-rolled cones. Every leaf cone is fitted with a terpene-infused filter tip. When you’re ready for a burst of cherry flavors, just squeeze the filter and pop the embedded flavor capsule. Each subsequent puff will provide a punch of sweet cherries. Our rolls come in a universal pouch with the specific flavor marked on the back.

  • Raw Skateboard

    Raw Skateboard

    These Limited Edition RAW Skateboards are a great way to show off your favorite smoking brand while taking your skating talent to the streets. Each board is American made from 8-ply Great Lakes Maple pressed with Franklin glue. Choose from the RAW Longboard for cruising or the Mini RAWBoard for style. The longboard is 40.25″ long, and the Mini RAWBoard is 24″ long and 7.5″ wide. These skate decks do not include trucks, wheels, or hardware, so be sure to pick up your favorite hardware for a comfortable, custom build!Check out Devaskation.com for skateboards, decks, and accessories.

  • Tin Stash Boxes

    Tin Stash Boxes

    Smokers can now carry their supplies with them on-the-go in style. This tin box is perfect for carrying keys, cash, cartons of cigarettes, a lighter, or essentials – as well as any other small items smokers may want to take with them.

  • RAW Drawstring Bag

    RAW Drawstring Bag

    The RAW Drawstring Bag – perfect for on the go, just adjust the rope to your preferred length and cut off the end.

  • Hamilton Devices Palm Buttonless Cartridge Battery

    Hamilton Devices Palm Buttonless Cartridge Battery

    Palm battery offers a powerful performance alongside discreet use. Sounds like a win-win? It sure is! But that doesn’t even begin to summarize the tremendous advantages of this amazing product. With button-free technology, all you have to do is inhale and enjoy! This battery is engineered specifically for CCELL® cartridges, but will also work with most 510 thread cartridges. Inhale activated High Quality Circuit Board Housing: Aluminium Alloy Magnetic Connector with Built-in 510 Thread, Fits Either 0.5ml and 1.0ml Cartridges Power Range: 3.2V – 3.6V Battery Capacity: 550mAh Size: 55mm (L)...

  • SOC Tokes Dual Use Wax Vaporizer Portable E-Nail

    SOC Tokes Dual Use Wax Vaporizer Portable E-Nail

    The SOC Tokes will take your concentrates to the next level, easy magnetic connection, quick heating element, 14mm, and 18mm compatible, turn any waterpipe into an electronic dab rig within seconds. SOC Tokes Wax Kit is a dual use wax vaporizer with a 14mm male water pipe adapter that makes this vape compatible with most water pipes. It has 2 mode options use connected to a waterpipe or as a traditional cart battery, an adjustable flow hole which allows for larger clouds. With a 650mAh battery, it has three adjustable voltage settings: 3V(Blue)/3.5V(Green)/4V(Red). At last, the device has a...

  • King Palm Smoked Here Hanging Sign

    King Palm Smoked Here Hanging Sign

    The King Palm “Smoked Here” sign is a fun, cheeky way to say that you carry the most popular brand of tobacco-free pre-rolls. This sign prominently shows a King Palm wrap laying on its side, just above large black text that says SMOKED HERE. There’s a black King Palm logo above the cone. The sign is made of a light-colored wood with a tan rope to hang it from.

  • Tombstone Double Battery

    Tombstone Double Battery

    The Tombstone™ battery can draw from both the cartridges simultaneously since it permits double cartridge usage. Its double feature allows you to mix two flavors for a unique vaping experience or simply double down on your favorite flavor for enhanced use. What’s more, the battery can even be adapted for single cartridge usage – it comes with a tiny adapter that you can simply plug in one of the inlets when you want to enjoy just one cartridge at a time. Its advanced design and functionality make it a must-have item for all vaping lovers.

  • Elements Change Mat Large

    Elements Change Mat Large

    Large Size 16.5" x 12". Limited Edition Elements Counter Change Mat. Similar to a computer mouse pad. Perfect for rolling & placing smoke supplies. Imported from USA.

  • RAW Inflatable Cone

    RAW Inflatable Cone

    Keep your pool parties and days at the lake LIT with the RAW Inflatable Cone!  When summer ends, hang it from the ceiling with the included eyelets to keep your space RAWthentic all year long!  As tempting as it is, we recommend not trying to light it.

    $5.49 - $44.99