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Color: BLACK
Durable Metallic Body
The Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer is now housed in a durable metallic body as opposed to the high-quality plastic materials used on the two previous UNI models. Yocan’s material of choice is none other than Zinc Alloy that’s not only lightweight but is also capable of weathering the usual wear and tear and daily carrying activities. The metallic texture of the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer body gives it a premium feel without the premium price tag. It also enhances the vaping performance of the device as it makes the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer capable of holding up against the effects of daily use and on-the-go activity.

USB-C Technology
USB-C technology allows the battery of the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer to charge faster and at a more stable rate. This means that you can easily recharge the UNI S wherever you are and at the same time will offer faster charging times. USB-C technology also delivers power and data at a stable rate. What this means for you is that there are fewer chances of your battery getting damaged because of unstable power delivery. Plus, there’s also the chance of breaking the teeth of the micro USB chargers whereas with USB-C technology, the plug is reversible making it ideal for fast and on-the-go use. You don’t have to always worry about charging the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer because not only does it charges your device fast but also keeps your battery in good condition while charging.

Preset Temperature Settings
The Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer still offers preset temperature settings that allow you to enjoy a wide range of customization features using your select wax concentrates or consuming your favorite thick oils. And while the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer comes with three preset temperature profiles the temperature settings are designed and formulated for flavorful sessions and for mild vapor production. The Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer uses a low temperature setting at 2.5 volts, a medium temperature setting at 3.0 volts and a high temperature setting at 3.5 volts. Compared to the original Yocan UNI that runs at 3.4 volts at low, 3.8 volts at medium, and 4.2 volts at high. Because of that, you can get smoother hits when you vape your favorite oils and extracts with the UNI S. This makes this box mod ideal not only for medicating patients who prefer the smoother vapor production of its low temperature profile distribution that does not irritate the throat and the lungs but also for recreational consumers who consider themselves as connoisseurs who like to enjoy the terpenes and the flavonoids of their extracts. Each temperature profile is represented by an LED light on the device so you can monitor the running temperature level of the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer.

Small and Compact Build
As we’ve briefly covered above, the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer is significantly smaller than its brothers, the original UNI and the UNI Pro. Comparing the size, the largest of the three is the pro-version, followed by the original UNI, and the smallest is the UNI S. It stands only at a little over 2 inches making it ideal to bring with you almost anywhere you go. It even has a hanging hole where you can hang the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer using a lanyard. Not that finding a place for it in your pocket isn’t easy but just in case you have your hands and your pockets full, you can always hang and wear the Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer around your neck. It's a great compact unit that lets you get the most out of your sessions almost anywhere you are.
Color: BLACK

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