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Rush Nicotine Pouches 3mg 5Ct Sleeve

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Material: Mintsanity
Encased in a soft paper pouch and filled with ground plant fibers carefully blended with  completely tobacco free nicotine and high quality food-grade flavors, the RUSH nicotine pouches are crafted for enjoyment, comfort and convenience. Just place between the lip and gum, and enjoy! Our quality immediately shines through with our outstanding flavor profiles: Winter Blast, Citrus, Mintsanity, and Cinnabuzz, and our smooth and satisfying nicotine levels. After customers are done enjoying RUSH® pouches, simply toss them in the nearest trash can or place them in the top-lid storage compartment in the RUSH can. Every can is recyclable, and every pouch, with its paper pouch is biodegradable.
Material: Mintsanity

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