RAW Double Barrel Supernatural Wooden Cigarette Holder

RAW Double Barrel Supernatural Wooden Cigarette Holder

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The RAW Double Barrel is a wooden cigarette holder holding TWO, that's right, TWO Roll Your Own cigarettes at a time. This will surely be the life of any party.

We made this because its ridiculous, it's insane, and yet we know a select few of our friends would want it...

The only thing better than smoking RAW SUPERNATURAL, is smoking 2 RAW SUPERNATURAL at once! The incredible fun and stories of "the night we loaded the SUPERNATURAL double barrel - AND FINISHED IT" will be well worth any spills and party fouls along the way. Enjoy doubling down!

The RAWDICULOUS RAW SUPERNATURAL Double Barrel cigarette holder is hand made from sustainable Brown Knotwood in the Pearl Valley of Fujian China. No two holders are the same due to the natural color and growth patterns of the wood.