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Concentrates are notoriously sticky and hard to work with. Plus, they’re expensive, so wasting even a tiny bit is super frustrating! That’s why we created the Hot Knife attachment; a 510 attachment that is a ceramic tip that heats up, making sticky wax slide right off the end, into your banger, without all the mess and residue.

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night and needed a dab to drift back off to sleep? Or had to take the sesh outside at night where it’s impossible to see without your phone light? We added an LED spotlight at the end the Hot Knife to make those situations easier! It lights up whenever you’re pressing the button on the battery.

The Hot Knife can attach to any stick style 510 battery, and we highly recommend either the Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 or square Quad battery. These offer flex temp and a long handle to expertly handle your dabs. Make sure to use the travel cap when you aren’t using it to protect the ceramic blade and keep it lint free!

ELECTRIC DAB TOOL | The Hot Knife is a simple electric dab tool attachment that can pair with any stick style 510 vape battery. It makes handling concentrates much easier and less messy.
LED SPOTLIGHT | The new version of the Twist Hot Knife has a light at the base of the ceramic tip. It lights up when the button is pressed, making dabbing in the dark easier.
CERAMIC TIP | The ceramic tip of the Hot Knife heats up quickly and is super smooth with a very thin edge. This makes it easy for wax to slide off the end cleanly, and can cut through hard substances easily. Handle the ceramic tip with care, and be sure to use the cap when not in use.
510 BATTERY NOT INCLUDED | This is ONLY the Hot Knife attachment; it does not include a vape battery or a charger. If you’re looking for the full kit, try the Twist Hot Knife!
EASY TO CLEAN | The Hot Knife is easy to keep clean. Use a Res Wipe to wipe off the ceramic tip after each dab session, and clean the connection between the battery and attachment every once in a while for best results

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