King Palm Mini Size Berry 2Pk 20Ct

King Palm Mini Size Berry 2Pk 20Ct

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The King Palm Berry Terps is the ultimate pre-rolled mini cigar wrap. Each wrap is infused with terpenes which will only enhance the smoking experience. Each hit will give you the magical tastes of all berries mixed into one.

King Palm is one of the most well known flavored blunt pre-rolls. These are terpene infused. Simply get the full taste once you squeeze and pop the filter tip. The filter is a natural corn husk filter which gives you air holes for proper air flows.

You will be getting a total of 40 Berry Terps mini rolls in each display box. Each one is super slow to burn and burns even all through out.  They are 4.5 inches each roll. They do not contain any tobacco, glue, additives, preservatives or toxins.