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Introducing the MS-Series from Fast Weigh Scales! This hip little scale is one of the hottest and most economical scales on the market today!

The removable cover keeps the scale protected when not in use and also doubles as an expansion tray.

Just replace the plastic cover when your done using it, and you can safely toss the scale in your handbag or pocket with no worries.

Unparallelled accuracy: accuracy to 10th of a gram with flexible measurements and small capacity

Protected and Durable: Flip top cover protects weighing surface while not in use and makes for convenient expansion tray while in use

Pocket size: small pocket size, about the same as a credit card and deck of cards, makes the scale portable and easy to carry

Multi-weighing Units: flexibility of g, dwt, oz, oz allows for multiuse purpose like weighing coffee and herbs

Quality Guaranteed: All AWS scales are backed by a powerful 10 year warranty

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