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The Bong Backpack Clip is a universal, one size fits all clip made to attach to your bong or rig to hold all your essential accessories. The clip is 3D printed with PETG plastic for durability and flexibility. There are specific slots for each item to keep everything separated and organized. If you are using this for a bong, there is a section for a lighter, hemp wick, a bowl poker, and a bowl holder. If you are using this for your rig, there is a section for a dab tool, a silicone jar, q-tips, and a carb cap! The Dabber Box Backpack Clip keeps everything in one place making every session smooth and simple!

Made of PETG Plastic
Universal - One Size Fits All

Storage for All Essential Items
Keeps Everything In One Place
Specific Slots For Accessories

1x Dabber Box Backpack Clip

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