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The next level Blazy Susan tray is here, and the future is green. Designed and manufactured in the United States using cutting edge Hemp Plastic. Designed especially for big rollers this tray is full of function. Help improve the industry and reduce plastic use with this carbon negative product.
The main tray is ergonomically shaped for maximum hand comfort with a deep recession for rolling larger blunts or backwoods. Once you’re done rolling easily empty any leftover herbs into your grinder or jar using the integrated herb funnel. In addition, the tray is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol to remove the most stubborn sticky spots!


  • 3″ Grinder Cutout
  • Wide and Open Rolling Area with indented center portion to make rolling and stuffing cones easier!
  • Bic and Clipper Lighter Holes
  • Various Holes for Rolled Goodies and Vape Pens along with a 14mm male slot.
  • Slots for 1-1/4 and King Size Rolling Papers
  • Cell Phone Slot (for vertical or horizontal viewing)

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