• Carrot Glass Tool 2ct

    Carrot Glass Tool 2ct

    Full-color borosilicate glass 4.5/5" Inch Glass Tool    Looking for the perfect glass tool? Scoop your product with this amazing carrot tool!   Advantages of a glass tool is that it's very easy to clean with an alcohol swab. Also allows you to scoop your products right out of your container.  Start vaping in style! 

  • Candy Cane Glass Tool Ct 2

    Candy Cane Glass Tool Ct 2

    This glass candy cane tool looks like a real candy cane. This sweet candy cane design is perfectly sharp at the end as if you just sucked on it until it had a sharp point. This nostalgic is amazing and fun to use and adds the perfect touch of cheer to your experience. 

  • Blue Pencil Glass Tool

    Blue Pencil Glass Tool

    It's back to school time, pick up your pencils and get to smoking. These glass pencil tools from SMOKEA offer an easy way to manage your product while providing a unique design that stands out from other tools. Use the pencil end to pick up a small amount of your material and place it on to a hot nail or banger. Available in several colors. Unique Design High Quality Glass Realistic Look Available in Several Colors Length: 6.5"

  • Blazer Big Shot Compact Puff Station With Timer

    Blazer Big Shot Compact Puff Station With Timer

    The Blazer Big Shot GT 8000 is the world's most revered portable butane torch for it's flame strength, consistency, craftsmanship, efficiency, and the overall quality feel of the product in your hand.Now Pufferbox is providing replacement stands for the beloved torch, since noticing the sheer amount of missing stock stands among the community!The days of using your phone as a timer, or having to find another way to track your quartz banger's cool down are over with our included built in timer!The Pufferbox Blazer Big Shot Puff station is the hybrid culmination of providing everything you ne...

  • Box Puff Station

    Box Puff Station

    The Box Puff Station is your All-In-One complete vape station, designed with YOU in mind. These stations are 3D Printed, made 100% in the USA, and are composed of sturdy PLA material. Fits both the Puffco Peak Pro and original.The station is fitted to hold: - 2x Glass or metal tools - 1x rest station  - 1x carb cap holder - 1x Q-tip holder - 1x Jar insert alcohol jar to accurately clean your glass - 1x Dumpster to dispose your qtips. The Box Includes: - Station - Q-tip Dumpster - Alcohol Jar

  • Tool Holder Small 7 Tool Holder

    Tool Holder Small 7 Tool Holder

    The 3D printed Box can hold 7 tools.    STYLES MAY VERY

  • Mushroom Glass Tool With Eyes 2Ct

    Mushroom Glass Tool With Eyes 2Ct

    Glass Mushroom Glass Tool With Sharp Tip

  • Monster Glass Tool 2Ct

    Monster Glass Tool 2Ct

    Glass Monster with Horns Glass Stick Tool 2Ct

  • Smiling Mushroom With Eyes Glass Tool 2Ct

    Smiling Mushroom With Eyes Glass Tool 2Ct

    All Glass Mushroom stick tool