The DynaTec Apollo 2

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The DynaTec Apollo 2 is a wall-powered induction heater by DynaVap, specifically designed for heating DynaVap devices. It completely changes the user experience. Induction heaters use a magnetic coil to generate heat throughout conductive materials (like a stainless or titanium cap). This means you can ditch the guesswork involved in using a torch, consistently heating your herb evenly. It's easy to use and delivers smooth, flavorful hits in 5-8 seconds. 

This DynaVap induction heater is equipped with an automatic shutoff feature at 15 seconds so you don’t burn your herb. The Apollo 2 features a durable, dark graphic printed cover with an authentic DynaVap magnet mounted on the top. This is a handy place for you to store your DynaVap between sessions, while also cooling it down faster. The magnet attaches both the titanium and stainless DynaVap caps.