15" Tall Swiss Donut Orb Perc Water Pipe

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As you take a hit, the smoke travels through the reinforced downstem then up into the Swiss perc where the perc's slits create tons of bubbles to cool and filter the smoke.

Watch as the donut perc swirls the smoke in circles to create lots of airflow to ensure your rips are smooth and soft. The secondary Swiss perc adds yet another layer of filtration to the smoke so you'll get a rip that's so kind to your throat and lungs you'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven. 

The Tsunami Swiss Donut is 16-inches worth of sweet & savory goodness. It's a stunning piece with its extravagant design that would make an excellent addition to any glass collection. But with its double perc action, this baby won't sit on the shelf long. It offers an unrivaled smoking experience every time you load up the beautiful glass bowl that sits atop the curved reinforced fixed downstem.